Hemingwrite wants to improve writers' productivity by 2015

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You know that the next big New York Times Best Seller is stored inside your brain, but those darn puppy pictures, Reddit and online shopping just keep getting in the way. If you think Hemingwrite (that rather odd, single-purpose modern typewriter we showed you at Expand) is your best bet, then ready your credit card, because its creators are now trying to raise $250,000 via Kickstarter. As we've mentioned in our hands-on, the device is a simple computer equipped with an e-ink screen that you can use to write -- and nothing else. It does connect to the internet via WiFi, but only so it can save your work automatically to Google Drive, Dropbox or Evernote.

Now, the bad news is that this single-purpose device doesn't come cheap. The lowest amount you can pledge to get one by September 2015 is $349, and once that limited-reward tier and the next ($369) sells out, you'll have to pay the full amount ($399). If you think that's too much but still want to show support, there's a cheaper option that rewards you with a hammer-and-key remover kit. It's supposed to help you obliterate the backspace key from your keyboard, for when you desperately want to suppress your inner editor and just keep on writing.
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