Radius combines fitness videos with custom workouts on your iPhone

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Mat Smith
December 10th, 2014
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Radius combines fitness videos with custom workouts on your iPhone

NBCUniversal's new on-demand fitness service, Radius, is the virtual trainer to rule them all: one that pairs hours of fitness TV with customized workouts by famous trainers like Nicky Hollander, Basheerah Ahmad and (if you've heard of them) several more. You can check your workouts and "lifestyle programming" across the Radius site, a fitness app available only on iOS, as well three hours of TV shows per weekday on NCBSN. You might remember Fitstar's efforts to bring a modern version of the fitness DVD to your iPad, but that lacked a for-real TV component. For a cent short of 10 bucks per month, Radius is also promising a broad menu of workout options for utter beginners to armchair olympians.

In a nod to console gaming, there's even Radius Achievements to be picked up if you keep up with your workouts -- although it looks like it'll only amount to bragging rights. To ensure there's enough money pumping into the new venture, Radius has also teamed up with fitness companies and Under Armour, so expect to see some co-branded shows and programs filter through. Maybe you'll want a new pair of Under Armour shorts once you've shed those pesky inches -- the clothes maker probably hopes so: it's already decked out the trainers in apparel. There's also a free trial to test the service, just ahead of deciding on those pesky new years' resolutions.

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