Snapselect for Mac solves a major nightmare for photographers

I have sooooo many photos scattered on my computer. Not all are in iPhoto, or Lightroom, or Aperture, the latter on which development was discontinued by Apple.

Snapselect for OS X from MacPhun Software is a very clever and tremendously useful app just released on the Mac App Store. On sale for US$14.99 (40% off for a brief time) the app finds your photos in folders, iPhoto, Lightroom, Aperture, and even on SD cards that are plugged into your computer.

The app orders everything by date (timeline view), and using some patented technology it can find duplicates of photos. It can also show you full metadata and histograms for each image. RAW formats are supported, and you can go through the photos and reject those you don't want, which are sent to a special folder. Photos can be marked as favorites, and you can export photos directly from the app.

Although there are many cataloging apps out there that have a piece of the puzzle, Snapselect has the best feature set and speed I've seen and it can save you hours of hunting and sorting.

Each photo's location is shown, and you can select presets for image grouping, like all the photos from within a ten minute period. If you click on a photo location link in the app, it opens that folder, which is really useful.

You can get a look at the online help and some videos of the app in action.

I liked the way the app worked, with all the options on-screen and easy to understand. It's fast, and the images displayed looked great. One issue I found was the use of external editors. When I edit I use Photoshop, but Snapselect only lets you use external editors that MacPhun offers, like Intensify, Tonality, FX Photo Studio and some others. You can drag an image from Snapselect to an external editor, but that's really not an acceptable or clean solution. As good as Snapselect is, it would be almost perfect if it was more flexible with editors. A spokesperson for MacPhun says external editors will be supported in the next update. Excellent.

Despite that, Snapselect is powerful and tremendously useful app at a low price. Snapselect requires OS X 10.9 or later and a 64-bit processor.