Blackhat trailer promises a hacking thriller, computer screens that beep

Question: What is the title of that movie that revolves around a hacker (or two) caught up in a huge scheme or conspiracy that has something to do with a gargantuan corporation and/or the government?

Your choices are:

A.) Young-Angelina Jolie starrer Hackers
B.) Travolta, Berry and Jackman movie Swordfish
C.) Chris Hemsworth's new flick Blackhat
D.) All of the above

If you answered D, you get a -- well you don't really get anything, but you did answer correctly, as you can see in Blackhat's latest trailer below. This upcoming film directed by Michael Mann (who also directed Tom Cruise' Collateral) strips off Chris Hemsworth's armor and cape, and replaces Mjölnir with a computer. His character (a former blackhat hacker) was recruited straight from prison to stop a cyberterrorist, but (surprise, surprise) he found out later that things were a lot more complicated than he thought.

Hackers was from way back in 1995, so films like this are not exactly new. Stories about computer geniuses continue to multiply the more we become dependent on technology and the more common cyberattacks become, though. There's that TV show Scorpion about a band of computer experts, the movie Transcendence where Johnny Depp portrayed a self-aware AI, and then there's the upcoming CSI: Cyber series just to name a few. Blackhat will hit theaters on January 16th, 2015.

[Image credit: Legendary]