Kindle for iOS now makes it easier for newbies to start reading

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Chris Velazco
December 15th, 2014
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Kindle for iOS now makes it easier for newbies to start reading

It's getting awfully cold outside, which really means one thing: Your time is much better spent curled up in bed reading. Amazon's trying to make that proposition a little more enticing for iOS devotees with a new app update that (among other things!) makes the whole shebang a little more social. Kindle newcomers can shine a spotlight on titles and genres they've liked to generate a list of Goodreads-suggested free book samples to tuck into, and you once you're settled in, you can used the literary social service to share your progress and talk smack on authors. If you've got an iPad, a new Book Browser feature proffers reader reviews and descriptions to help you make those all-important digital buying decisions. Oh, and once your vision grows weak and blurry, you can jump into a a new audiobook much faster now -- you no longer have to wait for the file to finish downloading before letting Rupert Degas' reading of Murakami's Dance Dance Dance wash over you. Ah, bliss.

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