Rumor Roundup: Three takes on a Samsung rumor

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Chris Rawson
December 15th, 2014
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Rumor Roundup: Three takes on a Samsung rumor

With only one new rumor since the last roundup, it's once again a good opportunity to examine how three different rumor blogs reacted to the same information.

Production of next year's A9 chip reportedly underway, Samsung may take 100% of orders (9to5 Mac)

9to5 Mac's headline tells you pretty much everything you need to know about this story... except for its source. Once again we have a Korean publication claiming that Korean-headquartered company Samsung stands to make great profits from creating components for Apple products.

Something about this source never sits quite right with me. I'd still be skeptical if it were a Chinese or Taiwanese "supply chain" source coming out with this information, but because Samsung is such a shady company in the first place, any time a Korean-based media outlet comes out with news like this, something about it just seems to scream "Samsung planted story."

Rumor: Samsung begins building first 'A9' chips for Apple with 14nm process (AppleInsider)

AppleInsider's headline is somewhat less detailed than 9to5 Mac's, but the article itself is much more detailed and informative. It grants not only a quite good high-level accounting of what's at stake for Samsung and TSMC in supplying Apple with parts, but also what's at stake for Apple when it decides which supplier to go with for the next-gen iPhone's guts.

The latest iPhone 6s rumor suggests Samsung will play a huge role (BGR)

And way at the other end of the spectrum (as usual) is BGR. The headline tells you absolutely nothing until you click it, which is typical of BGR's new post-Buzzfeed model. The story itself is extremely light on details and offers no original insights of its own, unlike 9to5 Mac's accounting and even more unlike AppleInsider's fairly detailed analysis of what this all means for future iOS devices and the companies involved in their manufacturing.

The summary:

  • 9to5 Mac: Detailed headline, moderately detailed article
  • AppleInsider: Moderately detailed headline, very detailed article
  • BGR: Clickbaity headline, article very light on details

All things considered, I'd say AppleInsider won this round.

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