Apple profiles the musicians behind its new 'The Song' holiday advertisement

The Song

Apple this weekend released a new holiday advertisement called "The Song" that told the story of a young woman who remastered a love song sung by her grandmother to her husband before he left for military service. To promote its commercial, Apple yesterday released a follow-up video that profiles the musicians in the clip and details how the video was created.

The ad is the product of a collaboration between musician Dana Williams, vocalist Rhiannon Giddens and Third Man Records. Sung by Giddens, the grandmother's song was recorded using a vintage voice-o-graph booth supplied by Third Man Records. The song then was edited by Williams using GarageBand, a tool that she uses to record "basically all of her music."

"The Song" isn't Apple's first sentimental holiday advertisement. Last year, the company received industry accolades for its touching iPhone-focused video, "Misunderstood."