Doctor Who: Legacy War Doctor levels, unlock Cinder early

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Doctor Who: Legacy War Doctor levels, unlock Cinder early
Doctor Who: Legacy will receive new levels based on Engines of War, the War Doctor novel series, with part one going live on Friday, December 19. Part two hits on Sunday, December 21. Play through part one to unlock Cinder, a lifelong Dalek-hunter and pivotal ally in the Last Great Time War – or, unlock Cinder right now with the following Joystiq-exclusive code (no time travel required):


To use the code, launch Doctor Who: Legacy, open the options menu and select the promo code tab. The code expires at the end of the year.

Playing through part two of the War Doctor levels will unlock a secondary costume for Cinder. Doctor Who: Legacy is a free iOS and Android game featuring Doctors and companions from the annals of Doctor Who history, including the most recent regenerations. It debuted in November 2013, soon after the Day of the Doctor BBC special.

Friendly reminder: the Doctor Who Christmas special airs on December 25 at 6:15PM GMT (1:15PM EST).
[Image: BBC]
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