Lords of the Fallen 'will be released' on iOS, Android [update]

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Lords of the Fallen 'will be released' on iOS, Android [update]
Action-RPG Lords of the Fallen is bringing its dark, fantastical challenges to iOS and Android next year, CI Games announced. The publisher's wording in a tweet published last night would seem to indicate a port of the PS4, Xbox One and PC game, though that's not stated explicitly. We've reached out to CI Games for clarification.

The news arrives hot on the heels of confirmation that a Lords of the Fallen sequel is in the early stages of development. Executive Producer Tomasz Gop revealed conceptual work on what he dubbed "Lords of the Fallen 2" has already begun.

Update: CI Games says the Lords of the Fallen mobile game isn't a port of this years' console and PC action-RPG. More details here.
This week's other piece of Lords of the Fallen news is that the Ancient Labyrinth DLC is scheduled for release in January 2015. The expansion will introduce fresh characters, side-quests and gear in a new location called The Library. As for specifics, CI Games is staying quiet for now, lest it be shushed again by the librarian.
[Image: CI Games]
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