Microsoft's Xim app now lets you share smartphone photos on bigger screens

Microsoft Research's Xim app for sharing photos can now beam slideshows on screens bigger than phones and tablets through streaming devices. Just log into the wireless network all your other devices are connected to and it will automatically detect any connected Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox One or Amazon Fire TV that you can use to broadcast images to your television screen. Even better, if a friend initiates a session and you're paired with one of those streaming devices, he can control the images shown on your display.

The initial idea behind Xim is to share photos with friends on their own devices, whether they're with you physically or somewhere else, by creating temporary cloud-based slideshows they can access. But, it's not so useful when you're with close pals you don't mind huddling with to look at pics on your phone. With this latest update, Xim now makes much more sense in that kind of setting. The app, along with the latest update, is now available for download not only on Window Phone (naturally), but also iOS and Android.