Chromebooks are getting always-on 'OK, Google' voice search

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Steve Dent
December 20, 2014 4:33 PM
Chromebooks are getting always-on 'OK, Google' voice search

Google is ready to up the level of Chromebook voice control, judging by a new, experimental release. According to François Beaufort, you can now say "OK, Google" to activate voice search on your Chrome OS notebook anytime the screen is on and unlocked. That always-on functionality has been available for a while now on Android phones and tablets, but until now, Chromebook users had to first open the app launcher or a new tab in Chrome. As it's still in the experimental stages, you must be running on the dev channel and enable the relevant flags, as shown in the source. Following a short voice training session, you'll be ready to start barking commands.

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