This beer tells you how much to drink to boost your creativity

The Problem Solver

When you've been stuck on a problem or that creative spark just won't come, the chances are you've turned to a cup of coffee to get things moving. A quick java infusion can certainly help, but studies also suggest that alcohol can also have a positive impact on your creative cognition.

University of Illinois Professor Jennifer Wiley determined that a person's "creative peak" comes when their blood alcohol level reaches 0.075, lowering their ability to overthink during a task. Medical Daily reports that marketing agency CP+B Copenhagen and Danish brewery Rocket Brewing wanted to help drinkers reach their imaginative prime, so they decided to create their own beer to do just that.

The result is "The Problem Solver." It's a 7.1 percent craft IPA that its makers say offers a "refined bitterness with a refreshing finish." To ensure you reach the optimum creative level, the bottle includes a scale, which determines how much of the beer you need to drink based on your body weight. The agency does offer a word of warning though: "Enjoying the right amount will enhance your creative thinking. Drinking more will probably do exactly the opposite." That's the difference between writing the next War and Peace and waking up the next morning with a massively sore head (possibly).

Obviously, The Problem Solver is a marketing gimmick, but lucky drinkers can get their hands on a bottle, if they live in Copenhagen. The IPA is being served during after-hours workshops at CP+B and at a local city beer store, so you better get your Problem Solving hat on if you want some delivered to wherever you are.