LG exec can't fly to CES after wrecking a Samsung washer

It was during German trade show IFA that LG's home appliance boss Jo Seong-jin allegedly damaged a Samsung washing machine while visiting a local store. He may have thought that his actions were mere high-school hijinks, but his Korean rivals don't see it that way. In fact, the hostility between the companies has boiled over to the point where Samsung reported the incident to South Korea's authorities, who have apparently banned the executive from traveling to CES in January.

According to CNET, Jo has avoided meeting with prosecutors, blaming his packed schedule and the company's recent reshuffle. That hasn't satisfied the men in suits, so they've blocked him from leaving the country until he pops in to clear his name. Until then, however, the executive won't be able to represent the company at the world's most important trade show.

For its part, LG is hoping that a travel ban will be lifted for the duration of the show, and Jo has promised to comply with investigators as soon as he returns. The company is also countersuing Samsung, accusing it of both defamation and tampering with evidence. Either way, let's just hope that someone puts a heavy curtain between the pair's booths at CES so no-one is tempted to go back for seconds.