Joystiq Discussion: How do you like your Best of the Year list?

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Joystiq Discussion: How do you like your Best of the Year list?
How do you evaluate Tetris and Metroid in the same breath? Does that even make sense? One's about manipulating space using a small collection of simple shapes while the other's about exploring an alien world as an increasingly dangerous bounty hunter. Yet they're both video games. They're electronic works of art defined by how the audience touches and prods them. Deeply different yet similar at their most basic levels.

This is the central conundrum that always arises at the end of the year. When looking back and determining what was the very best amongst 2014's video games, it's hard to compare certain works. Does a game like Assassin's Creed: Unity, made by hundreds of people, get compared to something like Shovel Knight which was made by just a handful of creators? Do you even count things like Simogo's The Sailor's Dream? It's tricky. Yet when you're talking about the very best, maybe it doesn't matter that things are so different. These are the games that excelled; end of story.

The question then: how do you like your Best of the Year? Do you like everything lumped together, a free-for-all to spotlight the things that were the greatest no matter what? Or should the Best of the Year be broken into smaller categories so as to make sure that every game is on equal footing against similar works? Take the poll, discuss in the comments.

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