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Engadget is live at CES, here's who to follow on social media


Here we are, #EngadgetCES. We'll be your home for all things #CES2014, but what if you're hungry for even more tidbits of information? Never fear, the unfiltered world of social media is here. Not only can you keep up with Engadget itself, but stalk our cracker jack team as they mill through events at the Las Vegas Convention Center, as well as the iconic Strip.

Also, have you heard of Engadget Mini yet? It's our new app available now for iOS, Android and the web. Mini offers you the best of our headlines, photos, videos, picks for the best tech news from around the web and interesting things from the social media universe.

Here's who to follow to keep up with us, after the break. 


Engadget @engadget
Engadget Mobile @engadgetmobile
Engadget HD @engadgethd
Engadget Alt @engadgetalt

Marc Perton - Executive Editor @marcperton
Richard Lai - Editor-in-chief, Engadget Chinese @richardlai
Christopher Trout - Managing Editor @Mr_Trout
Dana Wollman - Managing Editor @danawollman
Zach Honig - Deputy Managing Editor @ZachHonig
Terrence O'Brien - Deputy Managing Editor @terrenceobrien
Joseph Volpe - Senior Editor @jrvolpe
Sarah Silbert - Senior Editor @sarahsilbert
Ben Gilbert - Senior Editor @realbengilbert
Michael Gorman - Senior Editor @Numeson
Richard Lawler - Senior HD Editor @rjcc
Brad Molen - Senior Editor, Mobile @phonewisdom
Mat Smith - Senior Editor, Japan @thatmatsmith
James Trew - Senior Editor, UK @itstrew
Kris Naudus - Senior Editor, Database Operations @lampbane
Jon Turi - Associate Editor @jonturi
Edgar Alvarez - Associate Editor @abcdedgar
Billy Steele - Associate Editor @wmsteele
Nicole Lee - Associate Editor @nicole
Sean Buckley - Associate Editor @seaniccus
Sean Cooper - Associate Editor @sean_cooper
Daniel Cooper - Associate Editor, UK @danielwcooper
Jamie Rigg - Associate Editor, UK @jmerigg
Alexis Santos - Contributing Editor @alexissantos
Benjamin Harrison - Video Producer @benjaminahr
Barb Dybwad - Director of New Business Development @doctorparadox
John Colucci - Social Media Manager @johncolucci

Facebook & Google+

Hungry for even more social goodness? We update our Facebook and Google+ pages with the latest news on Engadget.

Instagram & Vine

When we're out and about on the show floor and events, we'll post pictures and videos to Instagram, as well as shorter videos to Vine.


We post videos coming out of CES on Engadget first, but you also can subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch them there as well.

Pinterest & Tumblr

We'll update our Pinterest and Tumblr pages throughout CES as well, although not as frequently as the above links. Still, if you're more of a "pinner" than a "tweeter," these are for you.

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