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Harman integrates Google Glass into smart mirror concept, eyes safer driving with wearables


Automakers and in-car infotainment outfits have begun to make a play for Google Glass alongside vehicles and tech. Hyundai has already outed plans for using Google's headset for unlocking doors, and now Harman is looking to enhance driver safety with the device. At CES, the audio and infotainment company will show off its advanced driver assistance services (ADAS) engine, One Harman, integrated with Glass. The smart mirror concept leverages the ADAS tech and cameras in order to analyze real-time data, map lanes and calculate potential road hazards. Warnings and alerts can then be sent directly to the driver's headset, allowing the focus to remain on the open highway. Of course, Harman will still have to sell lawmakers on the new safety regimen before it can become a mainstay.

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