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Breakfast Topic: The villain you love to hate vs. the villain you hate to love


Arthas Menethil. Illidan Stormrage. Magatha Grimtotem. Kael'thas Sunstrider. And Fandral Staghelm, for that matter ... Which villainous WoW figures do you simply love to hate? Who's kept you holding your breath to find out what shocker would tumble forth from the next patch or expansion? Who in Azeroth makes you burn with exquisite, passionate hatred? (And have you killed them yet to exact your revenge?)

On the other hand, it's almost as entertaining to discover ourselves wooed by a villain against our will. Who do you begrudging find yourself admiring, despite everything their little black hearts stand for? Have you forgiven any of WoW's villains their perfidies? Is there a villain whose choices drive you mad (and you know exactly who I mean, don't you?) yet still leave you hungry for more?

Let's talk vile villains and dastardly deeds. Who do you love to hate? And who do you hate to love?

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