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Community Blog Topic Results: Your WoW resolutions


For last week's Community Blog Topic, we asked what your World of Warcraft resolutions are. We got a few humorous monitor resolutions, but we got some sincere responses as well.

Nativebrown at The White Pine Journal wants to PvP more.

I don't have a lot of interest in the raiding at the moment and since I've just finished leveling a Human rogue to 90 I'm resolving to spend the rest of this expansion pack on PvP. I've always liked PvP and make sure to take the time when I'm leveling to hit each bracket at least a few times. That being said I never really put in enough time at max level to gear up well and feel truly competitive. There's an awful lot of battlegrounds now that provide nice variety and while I'm not sure yet if I'm going to jump into Rated Battlegrounds or Arenas I'm looking forward to buckling down, picking PvP as my in-game job and doing it well.

Syrcorax at Syrco Owl would like to find a new guild.

After Ash disbanded I transferred and joined a new guild with high hopes, but it didn't go so well and they disbanded after a while. I want to find a new guild I can call home. I don't know if I'm going to start raiding again or what I'm going to do. I might just play casual. But I still want a guild with plenty of active players there some might be raiders and some might be social. I just want a friendly and helpful guild where I can find new people to play with, whether it be raids, alts, PvP etc. Where people do more than just log on for main raids, where they arrange different kind of things like alt raids and maybe rated battlegrounds.
Astalnar at Cogitationes Astalnaris has a few resolutions regarding PUGs.
I will try to be more patient toward bad players (and I do not mean noobs here, I am talking about the worst scum of the earth, ninjas, rudes, egotistical utilitarian maniacs that are ready to throw everybody into meat grinder just to get their reward)

Scratch previous resolution, that kind of players should burn in fire and suffer from carpal syndrome. And may their CAPS LOCK button die.

I will try and display more patience toward my fellow raiders in LFR, even though they at times make me question the existence of humanity and meaning of common sense

I will go easy on vote to kick button. Maybe the player just got disconnected and will be right back.
AdmiringAzeroth from Admiring Azeroth wants to do more pet battling.
I still love pet battles and I still do them. In fact most of my leveling characters benefit quite well from my enjoyment of them and the xp from doing them. But in recent months my in-game time has been reduced due to work and pet battling has nearly been removed from my in-game activities. I've got a load of new pets that need leveling and I am still yet to take on The Celestial Tournament.
Fussypants and Yotaan in Growing up in Azeroth are racing to get their legendary cloaks.

1) Get the legendary cloak!! (1/12 Titan Runestones, I can do this!!)
1) Beat Fussypants in getting the legendary cloak! (I was way ahead of her, but now behind, I only have 2 secrets, not even close to runestones)
JeffLaBowski at Sportsbard lists a few.
I have the usual resolutions: Work on reputations, do some raiding, level up alts. I really need to get into motion though. Probably the first thing I want to do is gear up either my hunter or warlock for PvP. Lunar fest is coming which will bring more hordies to town. I always like mingling with the opposite faction, so I would like to be as hospitable as I can be.
Bhuta has a list of resolutions, including:
#1, My Sunwalker... ding 90 (I'm 89.75 so may even happen before the new year)... then take his tanky butt on a tour of the timeless isles (and the LFR), and farm up a sexy xmog (going for amani plate). I plan to spend the rest of my time (before WoD) mastering current content with him (from a tanking perspective).
Ebonlocke is focused.
To move on from melee dps.
I've carried on in this department as the same class for two expansions, and I feel like it's time for a switch. I've felt more a hindrance on my raiding team in the last couple expansions because of my play-style choice, and I really feel a change to ranged would not only improve our group composition buff-wise, but that just in general that feel of needing to "adjust" for having so many melee in our group would lessen as currently having melee to our raid leader I know is more of a hindrance than anything, no matter how well I might perform. It's a bad feeling to have.
SamAmpharosNesbit wants mounts.
Hit 200 mounts, I finally got a primal egg to drop after 2k bones and yesterday I got the cataclysm heroic dungeon achievement drake, which will bring me up to 192 once that egg hatches. Once I get close enough that I can buy some of the jeweled panther mounts to hit it Ill do that, otherwise I'm saving my gold.
DanielMitchell wants improvement.
To learn to solo on my Rogue. I know I will never be comparable to a Blood DK or a Lock, they have a sweet glyph package that makes me think I can accomplish a lot. I need to learn the class better, study some of the raids, and give it a whirl!
So does Revnah.
To become a better feral druid.

I've pretty much mastered the basics. I know what to track, I do make mistakes but all in all what should be in place, is in place. But I'm nowhere NEAR the top players. My resolution is to go from being a decent feral to a good one. I look forward to poring over WoL even more and many an hour spent at the dummies.
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