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Crafting the crunching leaves and childish laughter of Road Not Taken


Road Not Taken is indie developer Spry Fox's roguelike set in a mystical wooded land in which players solve puzzles to rescue lost children. The environment is rife with natural noises, such as crunching leaves, birdsong, wind and children's laughter, and all of these sounds were created by hand by the game's audio producer, Daniel Simmons.

For the sound of leaves, Simmons picked up some dry leaves from outside of his home and crunched them. For the kids' talking and laughter, he recorded his children, ages 2 and 6. Even the music of Road Not Taken has an earthy feel, provided by his friends and bandmates playing wooden flutes and singing with a haunting vocal dexterity.

Take a listen to some sounds and songs of Road Not Taken below.

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