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First pages of free Dark Souls 2 comic 'Into the Light' now available

Xav de Matos , @Xav

Praise the sun! The first pages of Dark Souls 2: Into the Light – a free, digital prequel comic book based on the deadly From Software franchise – are now available for fans to read on the official Dark Souls 2 Facebook page. Dark Souls 2 publisher Namco Bandai promises two new pages of the comic will be released each week until March 14.

Dark Souls 2: Into the Light is co-written by Rob Williams (Ghost Rider, Dark X-Men, Cla$$war) and newcomer Andi Ewington with the art by Simon Coleby (Judge Dredd, Authority).

Dark Souls 2 will bring its special brand of terror to players on March 11 in North America, March 14 in Europe, and March 13 in Japan.

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