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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon dev now Nintendo-only studio


Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Super Mario Strikers developer Next Level Games is now making games for Nintendo exclusively, co-founder Jason Carr revealed during an interview with Gamasutra.

Next Level previously helmed a 2009 Wii remake of Nintendo's classic NES boxing game Punch-Out!!, following up with the multiplatform Captain America: Super Soldier in 2011 before releasing Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon last year. Dark Moon went on to sell more than three million units worldwide, emerging as one of the biggest-selling 3DS releases to date.

Dark Moon producer Ken Yeeloy cites studio stability and a good working relationship with Nintendo as the driving factors behind the company's decision to develop games for Nintendo exclusively. "When we work with [Nintendo], it is strictly about the game, throughout the entire process," Yeeloy told Gamasutra. "The focus is driven by the quality of the game, and what is cool, and what feels good -- not how much money it's going to cost or how long is it going to take."

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