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AbleGamers Foundation raised over $100k in 2013

The AbleGamers Foundation, a nonprofit charity that helps makes gaming accessible for those with disabilities, raised more than $100,000 in 2013. AbleGamers told GamePolitics that the funds were gathered during events like Minethon and PAX East and were pooled with donations from businesses and livestreamers.

In a look toward what's to come, AbleGamers COO and Outreach Chair Steve Spohn said the foundation has "really cool projects coming up this year." These will include partnerships, launching new technology, establishing new facilities for caretakers and other efforts to be unveiled in 2014.

In addition to funding those projects, donations made in 2014 will help support AbleGamers' year-round grant program, which involved the Summer of Fun grant last June. You can find more information about AbleGamers' cause at its website, including examples of what your donations would make possible.

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