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Tell-all explores the Wii U's development problems


It's no secret that some game developers dislike the Wii U -- performance issues, limited internet features and relatively slow console sales have made it tough for companies to justify support. But have you ever wondered what, exactly, went wrong? Wonder no more, as an anonymous developer has just shared many of the gritty details with Eurogamer. The insider claims that the sluggish CPU has been a concern since the beginning, and that the programming tools (not to mention feedback from Japan) have been sub-par. Nintendo's inexperience with online services is also very clear. The company created chaos for Wii U developers with network code that only arrived at the last minute, and a key team hadn't even tried PlayStation Network or Xbox Live before the Wii U's launch. Price cuts and high-quality first-party games have helped Nintendo since then, but the source suggests that the firm can only do so much to court third-party developers entranced by more powerful hardware.

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