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Indie sky-runner and shooter, Cloudbuilt, lands on Steam this year


Cloudbuilt allows players to freerun-and-gun in a futuristic sky world, and it's coming to PC this year from publisher Rising Star Games. We got a first look at Cloudbuilt in October 2012, when developer Coilworks described it as "a challenging, high-speed action-platformer in 3D with its roots in 16-bit jump-and-shoot games." Since then, Cloudbuilt has been Greenlit and is on its way to Steam.

"Steam's Greenlight is a great indicator of what people want to play and Cloudbuilt breezed through this process due to its refreshing take on the platform genre," Martin Defries, COO of Rising Star Games, says in a press release. "As a community-driven publisher we are delighted to release a title with such great feedback and we're confident that Cloudbuilt will further enhance our growing Steam library. The hardworking team at Coilworks has produced a fantastic game and we can't wait to see which routes players take for the fastest times."

The final PC version of Cloudbuilt will include more than 20 levels, four endings, branching level selection and a "retro-inspired soundtrack," Coilworks says. Listening to the game's most recent trailer, we'd call the soundtrack 80s techno-punk with a modern twist.

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