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Around Azeroth: You're intimidating as all hell but I ain't scared of you


"And Patchwerk walks away, gloating," writes Gimmlette from Spectacular Death on Llane (US-A) "When was the last time you saw a raid wipe on Patchwerk in Naxxramas? At the level most toons are, Naxx is soloable, and actually wiping on a boss is kind of hard to do. Unless you're Spectacular Death and you're running Naxx naked."

"Looking for a challenge in the waning days of Mists of Pandaria? Do what we did. Remove all your gear, everything, and run Naxx. No gear, no trinkets, no jewelry, no weapons. We had some level 80s with us and we allowed them to wear their gear, but no one else could. You wore what dropped in the raid.

It was tough. We had to remember the actual strats for some of the bosses, and Patchwerk's Hateful Strike will kill a naked level 90 very quickly. Maexxna also wiped us because we forgot about the combination of poison, adds and her soft enrage.

But fun! Oh man did we have fun. It became a challenge to use the strats and our lack of clothing to our advantage. We didn't finish the raid, so we'll be going back in to clear the wings we didn't get to. It really was almost like we were 80 again. So, if you're looking for something to do as this xpac winds down, we recommend trying this. What could go wrong?"

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