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​Breakfast Topic: Are you a gatherer?


It's no secret to anyone I play with regularly that I'm a gatherer. I find gathering soothing enough that I actually enjoy play sessions focused solely on leveling up a gathering skill. One of my all-time favorite memories of WoW are my long, rambling flights around Zangarmarsh to gather herbs while shooting the breeze in guildchat on non-raid nights. I'm sure I've rhapsodized about it in past Breakfast Topics, even. Beautiful zone, peaceful activity, good company.

Herbalism, mining -- heck, even mindless slaughter for leather or cloth: Let's talk about your love (or disdain) for gathering. Do you enjoy gathering, or does it represent the kind of mindless drudgery you avoid at all costs? Do you gather purely to feed your professions? Do you gather only during the leveling process in order to gain more XP? Is gathering a money-maker for you? Do you sell it all?

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