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Verizon's Edge trade-in program now lets customers upgrade after just 30 days


Sick of your new phone already? Verizon would like a word with you. Over the weekend, the company made some changes to its Edge upgrade program, drastically reducing the amount of time customers need to wait before pursuing an upgrade. The plan originally allowed trade-ins for devices that were half paid off and about six months old; now the waiting period has been reduced to a mere 30 days. Verizon told CNET the tweak was technically a promotion, but it's not actually much of a deal. Although the wait-time has been reduced by a factor of six, the amount due hasn't changed a penny: users seeking a new device still need to pony up at least 50 percent of the phone's value, even if they've only been using it for a few weeks. While it's always good to have options, maybe it's a better idea to sort out your buyer's remorse during your carrier's return window.

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