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Dead Rising 3 campaign DLC focuses on single-player story, ditches co-op

Xav de Matos, @Xav

After a short delay, the first of four campaign DLC add-ons will arrive for Dead Rising 3 tomorrow. Each of the game's packs will explore "The Untold Stories of Los Perdidos," putting players in the zombie-matter encrusted boots of a different main character, while intertwining with story of Nick Ramos. Co-op will not be available in the DLC campaigns, executive producer Josh Bridge confirmed, saying the team at Capcom Vancouver wanted to focus on a single-player narrative.

"We chose to do that so we could really drill down on a single-player experience and really tell that character's story," Bridge said in an interview posted on Bridge says that the team understands fans love co-op gameplay and, though the story available in the four "Untold Stories" are single-player only, the weapons and vehicles added to the game with each DLC pack will be available for players to enjoy in co-op sessions.

The first "Untold Stories" content, entitled "Operation Broken Eagle," begins prior to the events of Dead Rising 3.

"In 'Operation Broken Eagle,' you're playing this commander of a military group that goes into Los Perdidos earlier before the main story. It gives a totally different take on the story and that was really fun for the team and we think gamers will really get a kick out of it," Bride said. "...You're going in with a big military point of view and deadly weapons, including this awesome chaingun that just rips apart the zombies."

The content also includes "new weapons, a custom vehicle, a new story flow, new missions" and hopefully still, the ability to run around in your underwear wearing a horse head mask.

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