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Joystiq Tiny Streams: Risk of Rain, crazy difficulty, and imminent death by pig man

Welcome, Joystiqers, to the inaugural entry in Joystiq Tiny Streams, a new series of small streams featuring the Joystiq crew playing their current favorites. They play the game for the duration of our usual Joystiq Streams–which air from 4p.m. EST to 5p.m. EST every Tuesday and Thursday–and then our crack team of editors fashion it into a tinier highlight reel to tell you about the game with speed, efficiency, and humor.

This first Joystiq Tiny Stream is of the recently released Risk of Rain, which our own Richard Mitchell liked a whole lot. As much as he liked it, though, he's still not a master of the game's hilarious, sadistic difficulty. Just watch what happens when the giant pig and its family arrive.

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