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Leaving and coming back to WoW

Our affections for World of Warcraft sometimes wax and wane... especially for those of us who have been playing for many years. It's only natural that we occasionally get bored and wander off to other entertainments -- there's Netflix, there are Steam sales, and there are even (gasp!) other MMOs out there to grab our attention. Sometimes we're gone for weeks, months, or even years -- but often enough, we find our way back to WoW eventually. Maybe a new patch catches your eye or a new expansion sounds like fun, but whatever the reason, WoW players don't often give up on the game completely.

For my part, I ditched WoW in the early days of Cataclysm after playing too much for too long -- but I came back during Mists and have stuck around since. So now it's your turn: why don't you tell us your quitting stories -- why have you left WoW in the past, and what (if anything) has lured you back?

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