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Sony files patent for modular, transforming PS Move-like controller

S. Prell, @SamPrell

What if a PlayStation Move controller didn't just move but could also transform (and roll out)? Our friends at Engadget have spotted a US patent filing from Sony for a modular PS Move-like controller that would do such a thing. The patent describes a controller that could attach to additional "blocks" that would change the feel and function of the controller.

The patent shows three examples of how this would work: A block could extend to make the Move controller function as a sword, or rotate to give it the handle and feel of a shotgun. Add on another block for a secondary handle and the shotgun becomes a rifle. Or, in more technical terms, according to the patent: "In the present embodiment, multiple blocks are assembled or transformed, and the shape and position thereof are used as input values for information processing."

Keep in mind that patents are just patents, and there's no guarantee consumers will ever see a product like this that they could actually purchase. A patent for a transforming controller that featured both DualShock and Move functionality, for example, has yet to show its face in the real world.

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