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Star Citizen still raking in cash, funding now at $37 million


Roberts Space Industries' in-development spacefaring MMORPG Star Citizen earned over $5 million over the last two months of its extended crowdfunding campaign, reaching a grand total of $37 million as of this week.

The latest funding milestone nets players an additional in-game star system located in the middle of a rectangular planetary nebula. The nature of Star Citizen's final system, which will be unlocked once the campaign reaches its $40 million stretch goal, will be decided by community vote.

Star CItizen earned over $2 million when it turned to Kickstarter for ancillary funding in 2012, and developer Roberts Space Industries continued to solicit backer support via its official website in the months afterward. Star Citizen will offer persistent-universe, moddable multiplayer gameplay following the launch of its individual gameplay modules throughout 2014.

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