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Google patents ads that offer a free ride to your next shopping spree


Having items shipped to our door when we order them -- or even before -- is nice, but a new Google patent flips things around and offers potential buyers an immediate trip to the store. Apparently, Mountain View's toying with the idea of arranging transportation for customers who want to visit its advertisers' stores. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean everyone can get a limo ride: Google will look at people's information (location, job, purchasing history, etc.) to determine what kind of transportation to offer.

Since the businesses will shell out cash for the arrangement, high-profile customers likely to spend more will get the VIP treatment and might even be driven around in one of Google's self-driving autos. As for the rest of us, well, we'll just have to make do with discounted tickets or reduced taxi fares. The company has quite the patent collection, so we might never see this happen, but those intrigued by the idea can check out the full filing at the USPTO website.

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