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Patch 5.4.7 PTR: New mount video, pet video, and character upgrades


Patch 5.4.7, the one which will likely include various recently announced items, has had an initial build hit servers. Perculia over at Wowhead has been incredibly fast in putting together a summary of what's in this build, running through all the new strings for the purchased character upgrades. It looks like you'd have to log in and buy them from each character, then upgrade. No pricing information just yet, though. Interestingly, though, there are store strings in there that mention professions -- could it be that those can be upgraded too? And there's something called "Veteran Bonus"... perhaps something for higher level characters or those with existing 90s?

And our friends over at Adriacraft have put together their usual videos for the mount and pet! You can check the mount out above, as well as the pet after the break. Those who have been calling it a flying Raven Lord are correct in doing so -- this mount does look very much like the Anzu drop. And both sites confirm that, as I think everyone suspected, these are the Collectors' Edition bonuses.

Note that this is datamining, and should be viewed as such.

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