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Rockstar verifies ten more fan-crafted jobs for GTA Online


Another month, another chance for Rockstar games to highlight ten of the best community creations found in Grand Theft Auto Online by adding them to the ranks of the "Rockstar Verified."

Five of these newly verified jobs are the result of an event Rockstar held in late December that sought to reward the best community creations with a unique license plate and $1 million of in-game currency. The list of winners includes a shotgun-pocked deathmatch arena in the middle of the desert, a GTA Online remake of the famous Laguna Seca racetrack and "4 Way Madness," a high-speed track that culminates in a wildly dangerous four-way jump.

While the remaining additions to the Rockstar Verified roster will not earn their creators a fortune in virtual cash, they're no less intriguing. For example, "Twists And Twirls" is a picturesque race through the hills separating downtown Los Santos from the arid desert of Blaine County, while "Classy Construction" drops a gangwar into the game's most wealthy neighborhood

Full details on each winning map can be found on the Rockstar Games Social Club along with all the information you'll need to play these new jobs in GTA Online.

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