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Chrome update for iOS lets you quickly translate text and save on data too

Nicole Lee, @nicole

Even though Chrome promised it would bring data compression and an automatic translation bar to iOS a couple of weeks ago, it hasn't actually rolled out the update until today. As a reminder, the latest mobile browser release from Google includes a site compression feature, that when enabled promises to reduce data usage by up to 50 percent, which should theoretically help save you a little cash on your monthly phone bill. Additionally, it will automatically offer a "Translate" button whenever it comes across a page in a foreign language. Last but not least, it also has a New Tab Page feature that brings up a prominent Google search bar, a list of frequently visited sites and recently closed pages on every new tab so that you can search for stuff that much quicker. If that sounds like an intriguing alternative to Safari for you, go ahead and download the latest Chrome 32 update from the source link below.

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