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Evernote adds a wealth of customization features with new iOS app update


Evernote is a powerful tool for keeping track of ideas and to-do-lists, but for years it's lacked any substantial customization options. That weakness has been fixed today with a new update for its iOS app, bringing both aesthetic and functional options for meeting your specific needs.

On the design front, users can now choose between three different color themes: light, dark and classic green. Once you've picked out your new color scheme, it's time to customize your home page, by adding, removing and rearranging which sections appear when you log on.

If you find yourself searching Tags more often than Notebooks, rearrange where they show up on your home page. The updated app also allows you to choose what metadata details are shown, including notes, tags and notebooks.

Evernote has also finally added the ability to see your sync's status, particularly useful for when you're saving notes while traveling through areas with a weak signal. On top of the new customization features, the app has been given a fresh coat of paint, updating its look to fit even more into iOS 7.

You can view a demonstration of these new features in Evernote's launch video below. Then head over to the app store to pick up the update.

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