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LocoCycle burns rubber toward Xbox 360, Steam on Valentine's Day


Following an ignominious debut on the Xbox One, developer Twisted Pixel Games is bringing LocoCycle to the Xbox 360 and PC just in time for the most romantic day of the year.

For those who missed our scathing review, Lococyle is a motorcycle combat game that mates intentionally campy full-motion video sequences with repetitive, simplistic gameplay. It stars a chatty motorcycle called "IRIS" who is on the lam from her creators with a hapless human mechanic along for the ride. High-speed violent racing is obviously the game's aim, but as Jess Conditt points out, LocoCycle's gameplay, "even when it does get frantic, offers no strategy or challenge."

Despite our issues with LocoCycle, Twisted Pixel is soldiering on. Come February 14, LocoCycle will be available on both Steam and the Xbox 360 Marketplace for $10 - half the price of LocoCycle's Xbox One incarnation. In celebration of these new versions of the game, Twisted Pixel is also sponsoring a contest to award a custom LocoCycle-themed Xbox 360 to one random fan. To enter, you need only purchase LocoCycle for either the Xbox 360 or Xbox One at some point between February 14 and February 28. Full details can be found at the contest's official site.

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