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New Super Mario Bros. U ships 3.89M, Super Mario 3D World almost 2M


Between Super Mario 3D World and New Super Mario Bros .U, Nintendo's mustachioed mascot (whose year it wasn't) has shipped almost 6 million units on the Wii U. In figures revealed in the big N's financial briefing, NSMBU is now at 3.89 million for its lifetime shipments, while SM3DW is at around half of that with 1.94 million. Keep in mind that 2D Mario had the head-start on its 3D sibling when it launched alongside the Wii U, not to mention a much larger presence in system bundles.

The Mario platformers are two of five Wii U games that have shipped more than a million so far this fiscal year - that's between April and December 2013, by the by. The other three launched after April, so their shipments for the period represent lifetime figures anyway.

Coming in third behind the two Marios is yet another Mario, namely Mr. Luigi Mario with Super Luigi U. The green man's standalone expansion to NSMBU shipped 1.51 million after arriving in the summer.

It wasn't just the year of Luigi because Wii Party U and Zelda: Wind Waker HD both got on in the act, shipping 1.24 million and 1.15 million respectively after their fall launches.

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