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Time Warner Cable to improve network in NYC and LA, promises faster internet, more reliability, better service


TWC Maxx: The extra "x" means it's better. At least, that's what Time Warner Cable would have us believe about its thusly named new initiative to improve the quality of its pay-TV and internet offerings in Los Angeles and New York. The plan is to deliver at least three times faster internet speeds for every customer except for those on the Everyday Low Price tier (which still should see a more modest speed boost).

How so? Well, TWC's going to upgrade its network hubs in those cities. And it's going to retire its analog channels in LA in favor of digital offerings (as it did last year in NYC) in order to free up more bandwidth for SoCal customers. The telco will also continue expansion of its free, public WiFi networks (for business customers and folks on the Standard or better plans). Folks will also have the option to schedule same-day appointments when they're having problems. Last, but not least, TWC announced plans to continue its drive to deliver more On Demand content and to debut an improved set-top box with six tuners and increased storage capacity later in the year.

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