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The Daily Grind: What MMO systems are too complicated for you?


In my experience, game designers are prone to creating systems in RPGs and MMOs that are, well, antagonistic to the extreme. Maybe they made sense to the dev who had it all mapped out in his or her head, but to the average player, it's only a little more understandable than reading War and Peace in Sanskrit.

The customization systems of Final Fantasy VII and VIII always come to mind when I think about this. VII's materia was easy to grok, allowing me to clearly understand what effects I wanted to equip and giving me a path to level them up. Then came VIII's junction system, which allowed scads more customization but was just a jumbled mess of incoherent ideas and a generally bad approach. Don't get me wrong; I don't want a Fisher-Price MMO. I think that the more complex a system is, the clearer the instruction and design needs to be for us to navigate it.

So what MMO systems are too complicated for you? How would you make them better?

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