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NudeAudio's Studio 5 wants to change how you think about Bluetooth speakers


For many, the humble Bluetooth speaker has been marred by a preconception about poor audio quality (one that was often deserved until technologies like aptX gained traction). A problem usually compounded by generic, masculine design. NudeAudio wants to change that. Currently, the company has a family of portable speakers that aim to marry contemporary design with affordable prices. It's latest product -- the Studio 5 above -- tries to bring these same core ideas to a product designed for the home. Feature-wise, there's support for aptX, plus an option for dual-pairing Bluetooth devices. This means you won't need to keep re-connecting different music sources, and there's a lightning connection for iPhone/iPad too. The 2.1 setup also has a 3.5mm aux-in connection to round out the input options, while physical controls on top, and around the back mean you won't have to reach for your phone should you need to crank-up that killer tune. Priced at $179/£149, the Studio 5 will be taking on some well-established competition, but one thing's for sure, this one shouldn't cause you any financial headaches.

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