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Around Azeroth: Murderkin


Before anyone gets upset at this flagrant moonkin-on-moonkin violence, today's submitter would like to submit a mea culpa. "I was not drunk, hungry, and about to attack my little ... chick ... cub... baby moonkin companion," writes Pohan of Vengadores de la Horda on Drakkari (US-H). "I swear! I was just about to start attacking Impsy when this cute mini-me appeared in front of me. Don't call the police!" Sorry, buddy, but while it's common for many creatures to kill and eat their young, very few do it with an axe. We're going to have to take you in for questioning. (Don't worry, folks! The baby moonkin survived to adulthood, only to be senselessly killed by you in a mad dash for the treasure in the Gurubashi Arena.)

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