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Each episode of Unsung Story tells the tale of a different warrior


Unsung Story will launch episodically, with four to six stages per episode, designer Yasumi Matsuno says in a Kickstarter update. Each episode will revolve around a different character, but all of them are warriors in a great, fantastical uprising. Matsuno plans to launch with five episodes, making for roughly 25 playable stages in total.

"The story of each of these heroes is what we're calling an episode," Matsuno says. "By joining them in their battles that span the course of the war, players will see for themselves if these heroes are truly worthy of the glory history has accorded them. While there are five episodes, each revolving around a separate hero, planned for launch, while the game is live, we intend to continue expanding various game systems and bringing out additional episodes that showcase these systems."

There are three character classes in Unsung Story: warrior, mage and monster. On top of that, the game has five class types, each with its own leveling system: attackers, defenders, mages, healers and tamers. The game is turn-based and values speed, and it will play similarly to Final Fantasy Tactics, Matsuno says.

Unsung Story has until Valentine's Day to raise $140,000 on Kickstarter and reach its $600,000 goal. That's 11 days away, for those interested in the campaign and those who need a reminder to buy flowers.
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