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PSA: Fable Anniversary goes live, Trilogy bundle available too


Ready those fowl-punting leg swings, because Fable Anniversary is live now on the Xbox 360 Games Store. Lionhead's 10-years-on HD remaster is priced $40, while for $20 more you can add Fable 2 and 3 as part of the Trilogy bundle.

In addition to upping the resolution to 1080p, Anniversary brings in other tweaks and improvements including new textures and models, a checkpoint-based save system with manual options, a new interface, improved lighting, and even some SmartGlass features. Fans of the Lost Chapters expansion will be pleased to know its content is in there too.

If you'd prefer to see before you buy or re-buy, check out our stream from last month when we revisited the pastures of Albion in the company of Lionhead devs.
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