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Sonic multiplatform 2015 game listing 'incorrect,' says Sega


Sega wagged a finger of "nope" to reports of a Sonic game coming to PS4, Xbox One and Wii U in 2015, after a promo at a German toy fair seemed to let the chili dog out of the bun.

"The recent information coming out of Nuremburg Toy Fair was incorrect," Community Manager Kellie Parker wrote on the Sega forums, as later reiterated by Sega to Eurogamer.

"Sega has yet to announce details of upcoming console video games for Sonic the Hedgehog, or further details regarding the new Sonic CG TV series."

The placard in question was put up by Sonic merchandiser Jazwares, and it omitted a third Nintendo exclusive following Sonic: Lost World (above) and Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Games. Nintendo and Sega entered a partnership on three Sonic games in 2013.

Is Sega being economical with the truth here? Nintendo deal or no, we can't see the spiky mascot and his predilection for big multiplatform releases being staved off for too long.
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