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The Queue: An American Worgen in Azeroth

Matthew Rossi

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi will be your lycanthropic host today.

Sincerely, I love worgen. They're just behind draenei for Alliance races, and probably my third favorite overall after tauren. Sometimes I like them better that tauren, like after watching The Howling or An American Werewolf In London, two of my favorite movies. And yes, I am playing a worgen hunter with a worg pet and a worg pup. I also ride around on a worg mount sometimes. All worg, all the time.

BaronOfTheLake asks:
Q4TQ: How long do you think it'll be till we see what the new PVP gear will look like for the upcoming season?

The Alliance PvP gear for the new season looks like the Horde gear did this season, and vice versa. You can see it on the PTR right now.

Fizzl asks:
Unrelated to anything: what's the best/worst class y'all ever took while in school?

Best class was my Socialism, Anarchy and Communism class back in college, if only because it's the only class I ever took that actually explained in a cogent way how one can be an anarchist and still try and put one's anarchistic leanings into political practice. (Short version - anarchy is not just everyone does what they want, depending on the particular anarchist it can effectively be wide-scale democracy). It was also a lot of fun because the teacher did funny voices for all the big figures in history when he would read from their work. You haven't lived until you've seen a man doing Friedrich Engels as Yosemite Sam.

I've never taken a class I didn't get something out of, even my Bio classes. Learning for its own sake is my favorite activity.

Orkchop asks:
So why did we go into Lost City of the Tolvir? To kill everyone and take their stuff?

Do you remember the opening scene when we went into Uldum, with Siamat the lord of the South Wind lifts the curse of flesh from the Neferset? The Neferset tol'vir were attempting to make use of his power for their own aims (the conquest of Ramkahen) and after we stopped them from doing that we had to stop him from getting free (since he worked directly for Al'Akir, who was working for Deathwing) and rejoining his brethren on the Conclave of Wind. Essentially, if we hadn't taken Siamat out, he would have been there waiting for us as soon as we zoned in to kill Al'Akir. That staging platform in Throne of the Four Winds? That was where Siamat would have been.

So we killed Siamat to prevent the Neferset from using his power against our allies, and to prevent him from working against us later.

Brad Coggins asks:
New Race/Class combos for WoD. Should we get them? (Probably aren't) What would you like to see added?

All current races can be warriors, so we're good. I'd probably let undead have paladins, although I'd want them called The Knights of Suffering or something. I'd also probably let blood elves and humans play druids, since we saw belf druids in the Botanica and there were druids (the old religion of Celestine of the Harvest) in Gilneas before the worgen curse ran rampant, meaning at least some humans could do it. And I'd let worgen and goblins be monks... it's been long enough since Cataclysm in my opinion.

Bhuta asks:
QftQ: What's your favorite class for tanking? Better yet, which do you think I'm most likely to enjoy? Here's some ammo for that decision: I rolled a prot pally, got him geared (500ish), and in the end... I'm just not digging the playstyle (or the abysmal dps). I also know that I don't dig bear tanking (at all). I'm leaning towards DK (just because I love the lore,the leveling advantage, and I have a full set of plate looms... but I guess that makes a good argument for warrior too doesn't it?)...

I want you to imagine that I am staring at you right now. Hard. I'm looking at you very, very directly. I'm not blinking or moving. I'm just staring. Right. At. You. Then I just start shaking my head, maybe I even put one hand over my face for a long, long time. And I sigh at you.

What's my favorite class for tanking? I'll give you a hint. This one.

There is no other answer I am even capable of giving you. Warrior. Roll a warrior.

butts.and.butts asks:
What happened to the rest of Garrosh's tribe out in Nagrand when he came to Orgrimmar?

Depends on what you mean by 'Garrosh's tribe' - if you mean the Mag'har (which I assume you do) nothing happened to them, they're still out at Garadar, with Jorin Deadeye most likely being in charge. If you mean his actual clan, the Warsong, they seem to be doing what he tells them more or less.

Charlie Magovern asks:
Can we expect an expansion of draenei language in WOD? It'd be cool if it reached elven levels.

It's actually pretty close already. Considering that there's the draenei language itself, then the original Eredun language that it derives from (and which is today part of the demonic tongue) there's actually quite a few draenei or similar words out there. I'd certainly like to see it get more use in game.

And there's your Queue for today. I still can't believe the odds of that "what class should I tank on" question being asked the day I write the Queue. How does that even happen? That's the universe feeding us straight lines.
Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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