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Dragon's Prophet EU creating player council [Updated]

MJ Guthrie

Dragon's Prophet players in Europe will soon have a new way to influence their game: the Osiran Council. This player-elected body will give the community more influence over Dragon's Prophet EU's future development. Those who want a seat on this council in order to weigh in on game-relevant decisions, assist in the development and publishing process, and submit suggestions and criticisms directly need to send an email to with the following information:
  • Character name and server
  • Forum name
  • Spoken languages (English skills should be present)
  • Level of the highest character,
  • Previous MMO experience
  • Values and expertise
  • Reasons why you want the candidacy
Today's patch also introduced the Dragon Compendium for the European community. This feature contains valuable information on all dragons that can be captured as well as resources to upgrade your dragon with other elite skills. SOE also announced a new zone, Olandra, as well as updates to the treasure hunt, mounted combat, and class systems.

[Source: Infernum Productions/SOE press releases]

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