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An android died to bring you these Alien: Isolation screenshots


Alas, poor Hyperdyne Systems model 120-A/2 Synthetic, I knew him well. Like Lance Bishop before him, this fellow met a grisly end at the claws of an extraterrestrial phallic metaphor, and while he's no longer functional, his disembowelment works wonders for the atmosphere in these new Alien: Isolation screenshots.

Though not much is shown here - it looks like all of these images come from a single room - the five screenshots gathered below demonstrate the game's dark, foreboding atmosphere. Deep shadows offer perfect hiding spots for a fiend with acid blood, or more to the point, they offer worrying voids that your traitorous imagination might fill with such horrors.

Alien: Isolation is currently in development at The Creative Assembly. Assuming all goes to plan, Sega will publish the survival horror game on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC platforms toward the end of 2014.
[Image: Sega]

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