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OpenTable launches pilot mobile payment program in San Francisco

Emily Price

Soon you'll be able to use OpenTable to not only book your restaurant reservation, but pay for your meal as well. As rumored last year, the program is currently being tested at new diners and restaurants in San Francisco area, with plans to expand to new eateries and locations in the future. Similar to how PayPal allows you to pay at restaurants by having you check in when you arrive, OpenTable treats your reservation as a check-in of sorts. Paying for your night out with the app involves simply adding a credit card before your eat. When you're done with dessert, you can view your check and complete the transaction on your phone without having to get a bill from your waiter, freeing you up to head on to your next adventure that much faster. With any luck, additional tester tables will open up soon -- the company says it plans to let users request access to the pilot program in the near future.

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